My work is concerned with disintegration of paint and personality. I love to watch thinned down paint dissolving  on the canvas or seeing  glutinous lumps of matter transform  into flesh-like forms. The result, making a virtue of the inelegant.
I like exploration, finding new marks and seeing an image evolve and disappear. I use paint in untraditional ways, always prolonging a state of flux.
The paintings are mainly abstract but I make drawings of heads. Figuration informs abstraction.  Things move fast and that’s ok. Surprise is good.
Like many painters I prefer my work to speak for itself. Painting and drawing are particular forms of communication – they are before speech. A painting is thought in liquid form.

Frances Aviva Blane 2016



Frances Aviva Blane

De Queeste Gallery

Frances’ page at De Queeste


Jerwood Award for Drawing

Mid-America ART Alliance Fellowship for Visual Arts.

Residency at Djerassi Artists’ Foundation, California

Graham Hamilton Drawing Prize.

published works

EMBASSY – click to download
Essay Tess Jaray

NOTHING – click to download
Essay Diana Souhami

Frances studied at

The Chelsea School of Art

The Byam Shaw School of Painting & Drawing

The Slade School of Fine Art


Frances Aviva Blane

Frances Aviva Blane

selected solo shows

PAINTING/heads at German Embassy, Belgravia, London 2016

‘Deconstruct’: De Queeste Kunstkamers, Belgium. Exhibition

alongside Francis Bacon and Louise Bourgeois. 2014

BIG BLACK PAINTINGS. Bay Hall, Kings College, London 2014

Paintings and Works on Paper. De Queeste Kunstkamers Belgium 2013

Paintings/Drawings. Frances Aviva Blane Quest 21, Brussels 2011

Portrait/Painting. Shillam Smith3. London 2006

Paintings: Frances Aviva Blane. Gallerie Inga Kondeyne. Berlin 2006

Frances Aviva Blane Paintings & Drawings. EcArtspace London 2004

Delinquent Paintings, EcArtspace London, 2001

Solo x 9. Artists in Clerkenwell. Berry House London 1998

9 Artists in Clerkenwell. Solo x 9. Berry House with Susan Hiller, Dryden Goodwin etc. EcArtspace London 1998

F Blane Only Drawings. ShillamSmith London 1997

F Blane Only Paintings. Curated by Andrew Mummery 1997

Frances Aviva Blane at the Curwen. Curated by Andrew Mummery 1995

selected group shows

Creekside Open 17 selected by Jordan Baseman

Liquid Thought with Daniel Enkaoua & Chris Stevens De Queeste Kunstkamers Abele/Watou Belgium 2016

IMPACT – Louise Bourgeois, Marthe Zink, Marc Palmer. De Queeste Kunstkamers, Abele/Watou, Belgium, 2016.

COLLECTION – Paula Rego, Renier & Depla, Louise Bourgeois. De Queeste Kunstkamers, Abele/Watou, Belgium

Jerwood Drawing Prize. London and UK tour 2015

De Vage Grens with Frank Auerbach, Reniere & Depla, etc. De Queeste Kunstkamers, Abele/Watou, Belgium 2015

Critics Choice, selector Corinna Lotz, Mall Galleries. London 2013

Drawing Breath. Jerwood Anniversary Exhibition of Award Winners London, touring UK, Australia, Japan 2008-2009.

Annely Juda A Celebration. Annely Juda Fine Art London 2007.

London Print Fair. Malborough Fine Art London 2006.

Prime Time Berlin, Young Art from London. Berlin EcArtspace 2006.

Sense and Sensuality London, UK tour, New York 2006-2007.

Blind Art in New York 2006

Blind Art RCA London and UK tour 2005-2011.

Very British? Arbeiten von Britschen Kunstlerinnen with Tacita Dean, Mike Silva, Die Drostei, Pinneberg, Germany 2004

The Discerning Eye. Mall Galleries London 2004

Small is Beautiful Angela Flowers Gallery London 2000-2004

Dialogue Frances Aviva Blane and Nigel Ellis. EcArtspace London 2002

Art Futures. Contemporary Art Society London 2002

Before Now and After with Helen Sear. EcArtspace Berlin, London 2000

German and English Painting Swap,  Berlin/London. Sponsored by British council and Goethe instiitut 2002.

Drawing Basil Beattie and Frances Aviva Blane. EcArtspace London 2001

St John Square. Painting with John Mclean and Frances Aviva Blane. EcArtspace London 2000

Chora curated by Sue Hubbard including Susan Hiller, Helen Sears. London and UK tour 1999-2000

Cheltenham Open Drawing Show. Award Winner. Cheltenham and UK tour 1999-2000

9 Artists in Clerkenwell. Solo x 9. Berry House with Susan Hiller, Dryden Goodwin etc. EcArtspace London 1998

In The Looking Glass, Women’s Contemporary Self Portaits curated by Dr Judith Collins. With Maggi Hambling etc. Usher Gallery Lincoln and UK tour 1996-1997.

Royal Academy of Art Summer Show. London 1996

Into the Nineties. Pick of Postgraduates. Mall Galleries. London 1993

public collections

The Tim Sayer Collection London

The Doris Jean Lockhart Collection

Moorfields Eye Hospital. London

The Three Faiths Forum, London

Jesus College Cambridge

London School of Economics

Sternberg Centre, London

Usher Gallery. Lincoln

Blind Art, London